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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stan, is My Man

Stan my man, his week did not go so well for him, we are cleaning off our driveway, and to start off our day, we are having our grandson's car being towed away to be taken to the auto body shop to be repaired.
Then our brother-in law calls us to tell us that the scrap metal man is going to be in our area and he pulls up in the front of our house at 11:30 or 12:00, and Stan is pulling our car out into the front of our next door neighbors house onto the cement, and Stan's car is facing the wrong direction, and his back wheel is onto the pavement, just a little bit.
The scrap metal man is taking out our old air compressor on the side of the house and scrap metal and got a old washing machine from across the street. 
This was on August 25, in 100 degree weather and Stan is out of breath and he is coming into our house to do his breathing treatment and I was making the bed and he is lying down doing his air.
Stan, was finished doing what he needed to be done and went outside to go and pick up Adam our grandson at work and it is 2:30 and our car is gone.
Stan, is walking down to the clubhouse to get the telephone number and address where they had our car towed away, and nobody is there at the clubhouse, so he came back to our house. He is walking back down to the clubhouse and the Assistant Manager, is there and she is telling Stan, that your car was illegally parked.  He came back to the house and called his brother-in law and to ask him if he would come over to take him to go and pick up his car at the towing yard.
 To get our car back, Stan is paying the towing company, $ 196.00. 
The manager told Stan, that where he was parked that it is a flower bed, and for him to park in the back parking.  Their is no handicap parking on our street for Stan, except for up in the front of the clubhouse.Stan, needs to have handi cap parking on our street.
There is a problem with the parking and finding a place to park and they will tow your car away.  Something needs to be done.