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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Time In The City!

Ring a ling! Christmas time in the city! Hear the bells ring. Soon it will be Christmas Day!
Well Christmas came and now it is over!  I enjoyed the time with my family and my friends.
Now it is time to bring in the New Year.  Soon that will come.  Have you noticed how fast time is slipping away?
Time is to short and now we have to make every effort to be the light for Jesus. 
Soon, he will be coming back for His bride.
What will he be catching you doing?
A lot of people I hear them saying, I have heard this before.
Well, what will he be catching you at?
Praying, reading the bible.  I am praying that he catches me singing to Him.
Or praying for someone. Leading someone to Him.  How about hugging someone?
This is a brand New Year and Cheers to you!
You are blessed, to be a blessing to others.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Being the Best that You Can Be

Pressing in and pressing on and being determined and staying on the right course.  Keeping your eyes on what is set before you.  Kicking the obstacles out of your way.
 Visualize what your vision is and do not let your vision perish. 
keeping yourself focused.  Keeping a journal of what you want to accomplish in this new day that is set before you.
 Staying strong in having the perseverance and the determination and the endurance having the strength and the stamina and the persistence's to continue on your course.
Life is a journey and on your journey you are making your dreams to become a reality.
 Pressing in and pressing on and holding onto your dreams and going towards your finish line.