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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home is Where You Make It, That is Where I Will Be

From the country to the city
As far as I can see
Home is where you make it
That is where I will be.

I am a home body, I love to play my piano, I love to write, but I love to sit and watch tv with a good movie.
Cover up with my favorite blanket and have peace and quiet.  No stress, peace be still and lay my worry head down and just be still. 

Kids, can cause a lot of stress and I am dealing with my high blood pressure and I am on my diet, low sodium.  I am bringing down the blood pressure levels. 

So today,  is a chilly day and I am giving my stress and laying it at the feet of, Jesus.  He is my healer.
Home is where you make it, that is where I will be.