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Friday, August 26, 2011

Alyson my Great Granddaughter

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Circle of Love


The family who prays together will stay together. Through thick or thin we are a family and we will always help one another and we will come to their side when they need us.

I flew into Kirksville, Mo. to be by my sister side. To pray with her and to laugh with her and to cry with her. My nephew, who works at Days Inn, he was able to get us rooms so we all could be close together. My sister, Etta came with her two daughters and her lovely granddaughter. My sister Judi came with her two daughters. Sandy, my youngest sister, she was able to stay with me in my room and I was able to pray with her and I was so very blessed to be able to read to her about the lady who had the issue of blood and she spent all of her money that she had . She heard that Jesus, was going to be passing by and the crowd who was pressing in and she knew that if only she could touch the hem of His garment she would be made whole. When she touched the hem of His garment, Jesus said, who touched me, something went out of me. She told, Jesus, it was me who touched you and He said to her, go thy way, thy faith has made thee whole. I could see the tears in my sisters eyes. She knows that, Jesus, will never leave her or forsake her.

There was a circle of prayer for Sandy, my niece and I did the ministering for my sister, and there were hearts that were changed and brought us all closer together. We have not been together since my parents were alive. For Judi, Shawna and Amy they were finally reunited with our family. It was a touching moment for all of us.

At the Days Inn, ten years ago, for all of us to be together with our mother and our brother for the last time. It will not be the last, my mother and our father and brother will be waiting for us in heaven. I am praying for my sister Sandy, what ever happens it will be the will of God. We all put her in God's hands and God is in control.

The first day, Sandy did not look so well, her skin was yellow, and it was in her eyes. She has already lost a lot of her weight. In the evening, we were joining together in one room with all the love for Sandy and getting to know our two nieces that we have not seen since they were children. It was breath taking. The second day, Sandy was smiling and with the glow in her eyes. I could tell that the prayer that everyone joining hands together that Jesus, was putting His hand upon Sandy.

On our third day, we ate at a Mexican Restaurant and we were all laughing and the conversations was filling the air and we sat there till we could not sit there any longer and we drove to the square in Kirksville, and the girls bought Sandy a beautiful bracelet with a cross on it.

In the night we will celebrate with Jason and Cheri, and it is their first anniversary and we all took them out to a restaurant by the lake. On this special night joining hands to pray for the meal and the evening. The glasses were clicking and ringing in for that special kiss. Just not one kiss, but two kisses and to see them to give each other their first bite of food and it was filling the air full of their love for one another. in a beautiful setting out by the lake and being so very peaceful being together with one another on our last night together. Out by the lake, the laughter is echoing across the lake with the chirping of the birds.

In the night, the lightening is striking across the sky with a wall of angry black clouds. Amy, is reading out of Psalms and with our hands joining together in prayer. Throughout the night, in the storm, I was praying until dawn.

In the morning, joining together for one last moment, my niece, Doreen, is leading us all in prayer and everyone is in tears streaming down their face. We all did not want this precious moment to end. I surely did not want to get onto the small airplane which only held 10 people. Judi, and my two nieces were trying to get an earlier flight out with me because of the storms, but it did not happen. God had his hand upon us all and He blessed us with safe passage. Tears are streaming down my face, because in the small airplane we hit the wall of clouds and with the real bad air turbulence right before landing in Saint Louis and I was feeling sick to my stomach and I was praying the whole way and for a smooth landing. I gave a big thank you, to my Lord, Jesus.

Everyone made it home safely. The memories will be etched into my heart forever. For my beautiful sister Sandy, I will carry the memories and cherish the special moment, in the circle of love we have for one another. Good night, to all of my sweet sisters and to all of our family members joining together and standing in for our family members who could not make it. On the East side, standing together in the Unity of faith and love for one another in, Jesus Christ. Amen