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Monday, December 19, 2011

Jesus, Healed Me

Lately the vision in my right eye, has not been seeing what it should be seeing. I have been going to the eye Doctor's for my right eye.  I had high blood pressure and have got that down to normal, but I had an eye stroke and it left me where I was not seeing out of my right eye.  I could see, but I was seeing squiggly lines and everything looked like an hour glass.

At our church last Sunday our Pastor called us up who needed a healing and I came up and I was believing that I was going to be set free from this issue. When it came my turn to speak into the mic, I told everyone that I came to be set free from not being able to see out of my right eye.  I was touching the Hem of His garment.  I was praising Jesus, and I felt His presence and then I walked back to the talble and felt a warm sensation come over me.

I was healed.  Jesus, suddenly healed me. I was able to see. Praise to God, that he touched me and set me free.

I had an eye appointment on Monday, they were going to do an eye procedure and I passed my eye test and the eye Doctor was going to drain the blood in the back of my eye and drain the fluid from my eye.  My eyes were numed from the eye drops and she looked into eye scope and was looking into the back of my eye and she said "I am not seeing what I saw in the last eye examaination. I was truly healed! I am so glad that I was suddenly healed by the power of God!