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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Memories in the Makings

In this very moment, I am so very deep in prayer with my sister Sandy, who is fighting pancreatic cancer and she is in her last moments on this earth.  She was in a coma, the day before and she woke up with her son at her bedside, and she was asking for her daughter and her best friend which is her dog.  Jesus, has His hands on her and the angels are all around her.  She is in Kirksville, Missouri.  She was born and raise in California, and her later days, she moved to Missouri. Her two children and grandchildren are with her.  An, artist, loves music, crafter, and a beautiful handmaiden child of the most high God. Her beauty is inside and out.  Her last days with her husband was tragic, but God turned that around for His good.  With most of our family that came to her side and cried with her, prayed with her and we all loved on her.  With the smiles and her joy that was in her heart that we all saw was priceless. The circle of love.

She is leaving behind her two children, Johnny and Cheri, and Sandy's creative ability lives within her children and grandchildren.  Cheri loves animals and critters, and her ability to paint is incredible and her writing skills as she paints a picture with her words.  Johnny is about to marry in August and he wanted for his mother to see him marry the girl of his dreams. She will be there, with both of them,  in the spirit, along with his grandparents.

I will miss my sister very much, and my tears are flowing, but knowing that she will be in no more pain and suffering and knowing that she will be in heaven and she has giving her life to, Jesus, has put peace upon me.  She will be painting the heavens along with my mother, Bea who is an artist, and my father, and my brother who is a musician, singer and writer.

Cherish the moments with your loved ones. Time is flying by and the moments that you have together, will be memories in the makings.  Today is the present, open up the gift, and see what is for you today. 

Sandy has gone on to be with Jesus. The battle has been won! She will be laid to rest under the towering trees.

Dedicated to Sandy Mae East Johnson  05/28/1957  03/18/2012