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Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Celebration for Papa Jesse Mason Our Pastor

May 5. 20012, on this day the church is celebrating the life of Jesse Mason, who was our pastor at Christian Chapel in Walnut, Calif.  Jesse and his wife Clare together they Ministered to many people for over 25 years.

Jesse Mason, loved God with a passon and he was a wonderful role model and a caring person.  Stan, said to me when the first time he met Jesse, our pastor and they shook hands, the next time we came to church, Jesse shook Stan's hand and Jesse, called my husband by his first name.  That stuck in Stan's heart and we stayed at Christian Chapel until we moved to Riverside and started attending Solid Rock Church in Corona.

One day at Christian Chapel, I had a pack of cigarettes in my purse and I heard a voice saying, give that pack of cigarettes to Jesse. So when chuch was over, I said to Jesse, "The spirit of the Lord, said to give this to you, and he said with a big smile on his face, "Thank you." He put that pack of cigarettes in his front pocket. From that moment on, I never smoked another cigarette again. But come that Monday morning I drove to the store and got out of the car and right in front of me was a whole cigarette right down by my feet. I chose to step on that cigarette and said to it, get off me satan, in the name of Jesus, I serve Jesus and only Him do I serve. 
Still to this day, I have never craved another cigarette.

Jesse and Clare, just celebrated their 60th, Wedding Anniversary.  What a blessing for all of us who attended Christian Chapel. Who got to know this loving couple who loves Jesus,  and now Jesse Mason who is dancing and praising, Jesus in Heaven. Until we meet again, Papa Jesse. I can hear Jesus, saying well done and faithful servant.