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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Wedding Ceremony

On a warm summers night of June, and we are on our way to Albuquerque New Mexico. Ridding the  Metro Link Train. We boarded our train, in Riverside, California and someone got on the train before us and they were drinking alcohol.
The lady who was taking our ticket, got into my husbands face and said "I smell alcohol" My husband said to her "I do not drink." She did not believe him. She looked at my granddaughter and said to her, "I smell alcohol." I told her that my husband and my granddaughter does not drink.
Then she was called upstairs. She found out who it was, he was causing a problem. He was threaghtening people and they called the sheriffis office and they put him off in Victorville, California. In the hands of the sheriffs.
 We all had a peacful ride and the next afternoon we were in ABQ. New Mexico. A lady got ill on the train and they had to call for an ambulance, and my daughter and grandson saw that ambulance, and they thought it was for one of us and when they saw us get off that train they were releaved.
That night the men went to the bachelor party and all of the ladies went to the pizza place. The next day we were getting ready for the wedding making the bows and the girls were making the wedding boutineers
Saturday came and the wedding ceremony was taking place, everyone looking so beautiful, and the bride is looking like a princess. The grooms eyes are on his beautiful bride as she is strolling down the isle with her father and her long beautiful hair gently blowing in the wind.

 The wedding officiate says who gives this Woman to be wedded to this man, and the Father says I do. The ceremony is beautiful as both of them alternate the pouring of the sand and saying to one another I am yours, you are mine together forever, and like the wind we are one. Taking the marriage vows and with this ring I thee wed. A beautiful prayer was said and when the officiate says you may now kiss your bride. He now announces to the guest, I would like to introduce to you all, Mr and Mrs Adam Clifford.

We all walk inside to the building where they have everything all set up for the reception.  They have it all set up with the flowers and all the tables decorated and with the music playing.
They bride and groom are dancing together their first dance as man and wife. Then it was father and daughter dancing to the tune of Daddy's Little Girl.  Tears of Joy and smiles from the dads face as he looked into his precious daughter's face.

We all ate together and laughed and cried and danced a merry dance with the bride and groom and we all blessed them for the money dance .
The cutting of the cake and as people were taking the precious photos and the tossing of the garter and the brides bouquet of flowers and the couple who caught them danced together.
I am sure everyone had beautiful dreams that night. The bride and groom were off on their honeymoon.
Congratulations to Adam and Erica, may you always have the love for one another, and let Jesus be in the center of your marriage. A family that prays together always stays together.