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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


No Child Left Behind

California, is the state where people's dreams become a reality. You can purchase your dream home in the land where it flows with milk and honey.
In this economy where jobs are hard to come by and in the State of California people have lost their dream homes and lost all of their possessions and moved on to who knows where they have moved to.
Now the schools have lost their funding due to the overspending and with all the cutbacks. The State of California has withheld 20% schools funding, to help balance their budget. As a result of the our school district we have lost the bus drivers-that means the children are walking to school which is two miles away. Not to mention the jobs that were lost, in our area alone there were 18 bus drivers in our school district. Plus all the maintenance workers.

The children that are walking to school are k-sixth grades and they have to walk in the conditions where there is no sidewalks and it takes the children over an hour to get to their school at Granite Hill Elementary. They are leaving their homes at 6:30 in the morning-just to be able to make it on time before the school bell rings.
This is a hardship on the parents because some of the residents have only one vehicle and it is very hard for the parents to get their children to and from school.

What is going to happen in the winter months with the wind and the rain? The Santa Ana's, winds blow "60 to 70 miles an hour" in our area.This is very dangerous conditions for the children to be walking in. The wind blows over high pro-file vehicles. Rainy weather conditions will make it impossible for the children to walk in because there is no sidewalks, curbs or gutters. Traffic conditions are a nightmare for people who are driving their children to school and letting them off and picking them up after school.
At a four way stop at Ben Nivea, and Cam-bell there is no crossing guard available. South side of the 60/freeway over-crossing.

The path of the children that the school district suggested-right now they are building a half way home for the parolees. If you go online their are several sex offenders and child molesters in our area. The state and the school are responsible for the children until the time they leave for school-until the time they return home.
The children really need their school buses back. This is for their protection, and for their safety. California has a motto "No Child Left Behind."

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Soul Mate

I was blessed with my soul mate, and we celebrated our 46TH years of our marriage. Each day is a blessing with each other. Living together and blessing one another is sharing and caring and of course we have our moments of disagreements but the love of Jesus, living in our hearts, we ask for forgiveness and tell each other how much we love one another and we never let the sun go down without saying I am sorry! A family that prays together will stay together.

 Happy Anniversary, my love and you have capativated my heart!
 We join together in one mind and one accord in Christ Jesus, who is our chief corner stone.