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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Albuquerque New Mexico 2013

On arrival in Albuquerque, New Mexico at 12:00 AM, we were greeted by our daughter and son in law. What a blessing  it is to be able to hug them and to be able to see them.

The next morning our Granddaughter is going to give birth to our Great Grandson and they stopped by to visit us and with them they brought over our Great Granddaughter. What a memorable moment with the tears in our eyes we were hugging one another. Families are precious and our children are a gift from God!

On Sunday we visited our daughter's church and it was a blessing.  After church was over we all went over to my Grandson's home and we had a BBQ.  Breaking bread together and feasting on ribs together, that was very delicious.The love that we have for one another is beautiful. Families that pray together will stay together. God was in the center.

  The next morning our son in law took us to the Pueblo Cultural Center and we saw all the artifacts from the Pueblo Indians. I also learned about how their children was taken away from their parents, by our Government and they were put into schools to teach them our ways. They would not let them speak their language but taught them our language and dressed them in our clothes and tried to strip away their heritage.

On Thursday our grand daughter gave birth to our Great Grandson. Wow! What a moment to hold this handsome baby up to God and to dedicate him to God.

My Great Grandson is in my arms and I am praying for him.  I am looking into his eyes and he is looking at me and he is melting my heart.

The time together is already coming to a end and we are hugging one another. Our time together was precious and now we are off to our Amtrak ride on the train. Twelve hour ride and we are greeted by our daughter in law. Back in California in Riverside. 

Being Blessed and Being a Blessing!

I always believed that God could bless someone. I knew that he could remove the mountains that stands in your way. I knew in my heart that if you tithed 10 per cent that his word says prove me and I will open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing so much room that you can't contain it. 

Stan and I told each other that we were going to the Equip 2013 in Denver Co. with our church, and we made our reservations at the Westin Inn, that is where our meetings were going to be held at. Paid for our airline tickets. Paid for our shuttle bus from the airport to the motel. 

The next week we got an unexpected check in the mail. It paid for our motel, then our credit card sent us a check to pay for our airlines. Then to top it off we helped a friend move into a senior housing and the manager sent us $300.00 for a referral fee. Wow! I am amazed. It really does happen! God opened up our windows from heaven and poured out his blessing to us.

Our trip was paid for and we rented a car and drove down to Abq. NM. to visit our daughter and got to see all of our grandson's and hugged our great grandaughter!  We were blessed to hold our Great Grandson.   

We took the Amtrak train home and there was a man and a woman on the train, this man who had surgery and his colon removed, who was in so much pain and he was moaning in his sleep. I set up praying for his and asking the Lord please Lord give that man some rest without any pain. Early morning hours he arose and he came out of the restroom, I heard the Lord speaking to me, saying "Pray for him." I started praying and when I finished praying for him. He said, I cannot feel the pain. He started moving his shoulders around and his face was not showing any distress. Suddenly he started singing and saying thank you. I told him that all I did was a prayer, it was from God that healed your pain. He is the healer.

That moment he went upstairs to see him companion that he was traveling with and they came back down where we were sitting. She said to me, "Do you have any left in you that you could pray for me." I told her, "yes" it is not me, but of God! He is the healer! I prayed for her, and when I was finished praying, her facial features were change and she began saying thank you. I told her that this was of God.  

This was the icing on the cake, frosted everything together that we learned together at the North American Equip 2013.  It truly was a Divine Appointment from God. Wow! What a miracle! Look what the Lord has done!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

North American Equip 2013

Our journey to Denver. Colorado in a town of Westminster, Colorado, was incredible. It started off as we flew out of the John Wayne Airport and we landed in Denver, Colorado airport. We caught a shuttle bus to the Westin Inn in Westminster. Co.

That night our adventure started off at the North American Equip 2013.  The worship was not of this world. It was so incredible. The teachings are inspiring. It was an experience that will leave an imprint in my heart forever.
People from all around the world gathered together from the nations under one roof in Westminster, Colorado.

We are listening to testimonies that men were speaking about how they were living by faith and how God was moving in their lives minute by minute.  As I was weeping for these men that was sacrificing their lives for God.  I realized their faith they have in God is real and they are living the gospel and how they were waiting patiently on the Lord for his will to be. I got the revelation in my heart for the Nation's and also I have a Heart for our City for God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.
One day our Lord Jesus Christ, will return to this earth and every knee will bow!

In the night there was prayer and people were being healed by back problems and I am sure that many more diseases that were being healed and. I was one of the people that was being healed, and God was touching me mightily and my body was being transformed.

The next day we all worshiped and all of us were being brought into the throne room of God. The angels were singing and the people with one voice were worshiping to our creator.  Miracles were happening and lives were being changed.
I could smell the sweet fragrance of the Lord's presences in this building.

I will keep my eyes on Jesus, and I know what authority in Jesus Christ, I have in him and I now know that I am a champion in him.And now I realize, I can do all things in Christ Jesus, who strengthens me.

The babies are being prayed for and then the children, then the teens and the young adults. The pastors and their wives and the deacons. It is giving me goosebumps remembering all of this that I experienced at this Equip 2013.

What a gift from Jesus, that he made it possible for me and my husband to experienced this together. Changing our lives and  bringing us closer together.  We are in one mind one accord in Jesus. We are truly champions for Jesus.  This is our journey together and for me and my house we shall serve the Lord all the days of our lives. Our house will be known as a house of prayer. We are champions in Christ Jesus.