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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Enchanting Forest

Through the majestic forest, as each step you take you can hear the crackling of the dried leaves and fallen branches off the trees, making a covered bed throughout the forest. The canopy of the towering trees and the rays of the light shining down through the trees.
The luscious ferns growing all around in all the shades of greens and with the mass of the moss growing up the shady side of the redwood trees.

Hearing the trickling of the water flowing down the creek beds. The baby fawn and her mother out grazing in the clearing of the field. The perking of the mother's ears can hear the crackling of the footstep from the bed of the forest, the fawn and the mother is running to take cover.

The squirrels out gathering the nuts and taking them back to their home. The blue jays out gathering up what they can find.

The mushrooms growing in the trees, making a perfect home for the critters the is bedded down under.
Walking through the forest is full of surprises and the peace that it brings to my soul and I am very thankful to my God, for all this beauty, for he is the creator.