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Friday, March 28, 2014

Judd The Pug

The Cutest Little Pug You Ever Did See!

Judd the Pug, is so adorable and lovable! Give him a ball and he is slipping and sliding, rolling and tumbling and just having a rolly polly time.
He is so cuddly in his resting time and when he rises up he has to go out and do his dog duty outside.
What a joy! He is not a destructive puppy, but Judd enjoys playing with his dogie toys.
He just learned to climb up and down the stairs, and he is just 8 weeks old! Holy Molly Judd is sleeping all night. The first night he was whimpering most of the night!
He is getting used to all the noises in the house. The washer, the dishwasher, the vacuum cleaner.
Oh My Goodness!! The snorting he does, and his curly little tail and his smashed face, and his big eyes!! Only a face that a mother could love!
Judd the Pug!! He is a keeper.
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