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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ortega Lookout! Lake Elsinore, Ca.

This year has been one of the Most challenging years of our lives as a family! It was at Christmas time in ABQ. NM. when I received a phone call from my oldest grandson saying that Chris took his life. I was screaming at the top of my lungs at Satan that he could not have my children, that they are children of the most high God! I do look to my Father which Art in Heaven!! Well all my children could not attend the memorial services in ABQ. NM.

So my Daughter brought my grandsons ashes back to California where friends and family could all be together and have a service together. Chris, loved to go up to the Ortega Lookout with his friends and his brothers and hangout together.

Jordan, told us that the lookout was packed earlier and he could not see how we were all going to be able to park our cars up there. But he did not realize, that my husband and I as a team, were at the bottom at the little market, praying for the memorial for God to have his own way with everyone who he wanted to be up there. God did move the mountains and everyone was able to park up at the Ortega Lookout and the miracles did happen up there!

There was healing and restoration and God mended hearts, and as a family we grew closer together and for my son and daughter their hearts were mended together.  I could fell the presence of the Holy Spirit as my husband was speaking about Jesus Christ, our Lord our Savior!

The celebration moved back down to the lake shore, we all prayed and fellowship, and there was swimming and we let our light shine from the children and young adults to the older adults and the balloons swiftly lifted through the treetop without popping and they drifted out of sight.

I have to admit that I had to leave after the balloons drifted away, while the celebration lasted until sunset.
Under the blue skies at Lake Elsinore at the waters edge!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Neighborhood Market by Walmart

Under the summer morning skies is the celebration of the Grand Opening of Jurupa Valley newest Neighborhood Market by Walmart. The celebration begins with Jurupa Valley, ROTC flying our United States flag of America and singing our national anthem was led by a Walmart employee, and then a prayer from the pastor of Mira Loma Christian Church.
The ribbon was cut by our Jurupa City Council Mayor, Frank Johnston and our Pro-Tem, Micheal Goodland

Your Neighborhood Market by Walmart in Jurupa Valey has fresh produce and vegetables.
The isles are spacious and packed with foods to prepare all of your family meals.
It has all of your personal needs.
BBQ smoked ribs

Your Family Neighborhood Pharmacy.

Come and shop at your newest Neighborhood Market by Walmart
At 8844 Limonite Ave.
Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509